Beyond Customer Expectations Training


This workshop introduces participants to the skills and strategies

that will have them ‘delighting’ internal and external customers

with their level of service.

By working through a series of exercises, activities, case studies and

simulations, participants will learn how to uncover both the stated and

unstated needs of their customers so they can move from the passive

‘wait until the customer asks’ to discovering unique ways to go beyond


Each participant is given the opportunity to build their service delivery

capability and brand by leveraging their knowledge and their interpersonal

skills. During the program, they will be given coaching and feedback by

the facilitator and their peers about the positive impact of their approach,

giving them an opportunity to increase their flexibility by trying new

approaches and developing new and creative ways to solve common



At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Build their skills in efficiently building rapport with customers either face-to-face or on the phone
  • Quickly be able to identify complaints in a way that impresses customers whilst adhering to the organisational procedures and processes
  • Increase their skills in appropriately dealing with and managing the needs of challenging customers
  • Use tools to manage customers and respond to customers’ expressed and hidden needs
  • Develop techniques for moving a customer from a complaint or adversarial mindset to a collaborative, problem solving one
  • Think creatively about additional ways to delight customers that will support the brand
2 days
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Leadership Dimensions
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