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Building Creativity and Problem Solving

In this 1-hour, workshop-style activity based class, people are actively engaged in learning strategies to keep a curious and open mind, while using best practice strategies to approach problems with methodologies that increase collaboration and find outcomes. This Creative Problem-solving course is designed to provide you with the most targeted, effective and convenient learning experience by letting you join a short, sharp and collaborative session facilitated online with a master ...
Professional Development Training
1 hour

Solve Problems Creatively

In our innovation economy, the ability to create novel solutions to problems will distinguish good teams from great teams. Learning outcomes: Identify how creativity contributes to innovation Explain how divergence and convergence can be used to generate and refine ideas Apply creative problem solving methodologies
MCI Solutions
1.5 hour

Problem Solving

Our one-day training workshop Problem Solving Skills explores the process of solving problems both large and small. It empowers participants to diagnose problems, identify their causes, and formulate a clear and operational action plan. We shift participants from seeing problems as complicated challenges to opportunities for collaboration. We introduce and practise the most effective methods to create wise and action-oriented solutions to the toughest issues. Book a consultation with ...
CMA Consulting Group
1 day