Key Stakeholder and Subcontractor Management Training


We’re often unified by our ultimate goals but conflict can

occur in how we each choose to get there. This program helps

us to have conversations about how we want to work together,

our preferences in communication, what’s most important to us

and ultimately how we define our work relationship.

Useful for those establishing partnerships, setting up work teams, building

collaborative project groups or managing subcontractors, this program

uncovers common frustrations and barriers to effectiveness and how best

to deal with these early rather than leaving them to fester. Starting from a

principle of positive intent, this program supports the development of open

communication, personal accountability and the articulation of clear,

shared goals.


At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify those individuals, groups and key decision makers who are integral to the success of a project or event
  • Determine the needs of each group and how best to get buy-in and commitment to the project
  • Objectively discuss and gain agreement on the parameters or boundaries of the work relationship
  • Share personal and group strengths and gaps as a way of recognising what each ‘player’ brings to the project
  • Use the contract as the ‘container’ or written agreement of the working relationship
  • Build strategies to consult regularly with key stakeholders to maintain the ‘health’ of the relationship, even in conflict
2 days
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