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Many employees feel the immense stress and pressure that comes with their job responsibilities. You may have witnessed a colleague collapse or experience a violent outburst. These are things that seem strange to you if you don’t know them well. You might even be experiencing the exact same feelings. Your ability to manage stress will have a negative impact on your work ethic and productivity as well as your relationships with family and friends. As such, we’ve created a training course specifically-designed to help people become more resilient against stress, maintain high productivity and live a better life. Our trainers will make sure you have a stress-free, fun experience so that you don’t have any other worries. You can also request customized training courses. If you feel you need additional advice on anger management, you can combine this training course with our Anger Management Training Program. You have many options to choose from, so the ultimate goal is to provide the best training experience.

Find out more about Stress
Stress is a physiological function that the body uses to respond to different situations. It is a type of emergency power-up which allows you to be faster, more responsive to any threat for a brief period of time. We would love to see you grow muscles, although we know that it won’t happen for long. Although you might be able to grow muscles for a short time, we would love that! This training course will teach you more about the science behind stress and the effects of excessive stress.

Get back on your feet
Our employees learn how to get back on their feet. There is nothing that can cause as much pressure than a deadline. It robs you from your ability to look forward to the next Great Meme and the adorable cat photo we keep coming back to on our favorite social networking sites. You may feel deprived of time to reevaluate your choices. We agree that life should be about having fun and we want to help you find that joy again. You’ll learn new techniques to help you regain your feet and interact to others through our training course.

Recalibrate Your Work Appreciation
Many people view work as a nuisance and shun it. We are also certain that even the most dedicated of us have tried to set our alarm clocks to snooze at least once. We see work as a way to pay taxes and ensure our survival. We see work as necessary for the common good. These reasons might not be able comfort you personally, so you may still feel that you don’t know what you want. This course addresses this by getting to the core of the matter: How can actually work? You can learn more about these reasons, and how they can make you work harder by booking in. Participating in group discussions can help you discover new reasons and open up new perspectives.

Compose Yourself in Stressful Scenarios
Stress is often gradual, and it’s the result of a series of situations throughout the day. You can feel anger, despair, sadness and more, depending on whether you are having an argument or meeting a deadline. It is important to remember that stress can be dealt with in a number of ways. Our training course also helps you deal with difficult situations. There will be group discussions about the worst events, and how to deal with them calmly. We’ll give you not only the weapon to reduce stress but also a shield to protect you from further stress.

Case Study: Call Centers
We have specific cases and solutions for call centre employees and people who are considering entering the industry. Because it can be extremely stressful to work in a call center industry. This is due to the fact that agents in call centres are required to handle complaints and solve problems every day. Supervisors and leaders in the field also have to deal daily with employee dissatisfaction and attrition. This training course is designed to help employees and future leaders cheer up their employees.

Make your workplace a better place
In any workplace, having a sense collaboration is one of the best ways of dealing with collective stress. It provides employees with a vital motive that can outweigh any stress overload: kindness. This is not a joke. Kindness can make you more productive as an employee, and even more so as a person. We want to show you how to spread kindness in the workplace.

The biological resource of stress is an incredible one that can save our lives in a split second. It’s a great tool for our bodies to help us achieve our goals. Too much stress can affect your appreciation for work and your view on the world. Professionals need to be able to manage stress and avoid further stressful situations. This training course will help you do all this. We are here to help you. Training can also be customized to meet your needs. For more information about this or other training courses, contact us!

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