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Persuading a customer to buy your product can be a difficult task. The sale might be worth it if the salesperson succeeds. However, if the salesperson fails, it can cause serious problems. This is because the salesperson is losing valuable time that could have been spent selling to more buyers. Here is the trick of the literal trade: being able qualify the customer to be a buyer. This course will train your employees to be able to identify the right buyers to their best ability.

Examine the Budget and Authority
It is obvious that you want your customer to be able to purchase the item you offer. The basic test for budget is to ensure that the item you are trying to sell is within your budget. You should ensure that your product’s price is within the range of the potential buyer . Your buyer may be more willing to consider your offer if their budget is higher than that of your product. A poor budget assessment could lead to the sale of high-end laptops for students. To make customers more flexible, you can price point several options. Your products and services can then be offered to clients with different budgets by having three options. Also, you need to verify authority. This means that you’re speaking directly to the person who will buy your product. The person who will buy your product should be the one whose problems or needs you are trying to solve. If you were selling herbs and spices, for example, you wouldn’t be talking about your products and sales with the buyer’s children, as he doesn’t have the authority or budget to make a sale. Your spices and herbs are not for sale to him. Always verify that your potential buyer is actually the buyer and that he/she has the funds to purchase your items. Here are some examples of how to use the skills you have learned.

Assess Revenue and Timing
To make a sale profitable, you must make your time worth it. It is not possible to invest a lot of time in a prospect buyer if they only give you a low return on your investment (ROI). This could be illustrated by Cory, a salesman who has two potential buyers he believes may be worth his time to fill his $2,000 quota. He evaluates the potential revenue of each one to decide who is worth more time. Prospect A will likely give him $500 per month for four months. He is also relatively easy to sell to and quick to buy from. Prospect B will most likely give him $2000 in the first sale but will not be required to purchase from Cory for many months. Cory’s sales needs and timing will also play a role in deciding which buyer he should pursue. Prospect A may be safer if there is still time to pursue buyers. Prospect B, however, will be safer and allow Cory to start over in the next month. Knowing which customers are capable of selling it is crucial to sales. Even if they do, many buyers will not make sales decisions for you for months. You should check in on them occasionally to remind them that they are still available and waiting for them to purchase. But don’t be rude or annoying. This could turn them off to your product. Knowing your time management will allow you to make better decisions about where to invest your time.

Confirm Value
The most important thing you can do as a salesperson, is to make sure your product or service actually solves the potential buyer’s problems. Your buyer will never be satisfied if your product isn’t of real value to them. Let’s say Cory sells high-end gaming computers. Prospect A is an older woman living with about a dozen cats and requires a computer to check her email or use social media. Prospect B, a single young adult male, is clearly a gamer and enjoys spending his time online. Prospect B clearly has more needs than Prospect A for Cory’s product. Although it may not always be so clear-cut or polarised at times, the point is that a good salesperson must be able to determine whether your product is a solid solution to any potential buyer’s problems or needs. Ensure that your prospect buyer finds your product useful. It doesn’t matter how long you spend trying to persuade them or how expensive their budget. Participants can benefit from our advice, lectures, and a few activities to help them determine the value of their product.

These basic mechanics are crucial for qualifying potential customers. It is crucial to be able to discern whether or not a potential customer will purchase your product. This can help save time and money. These techniques will teach your team to assess the buyer’s authority and budget, to estimate revenue and time investment, to confirm value to buyers before closing a sale. This course is crucial to build a strong sales team that is efficient with their time and company time. This course is well-suited for sessions on communication and time management. Contact us to learn more about our training courses and other services.

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