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The irresponsible service of alcohol can be both dangerous and costly. That’s why Australia has guidelines in place to ensure club owners and staff in NSW and around the country are informed, confident and prepared.

It is both law and in the best interest of club owners to invest in Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training for all staff members involved in the supply or demonstration of alcohol.

What’s involved in an RSA course?

RSA courses are mandatory under federal and state laws for anyone involved with the serving of alcohol, but these courses are far from time consuming or expensive – especially when compared with the penalties of breaking the rules.

Barringtons cover four key elements during the RSA course:
Sell or serve alcohol responsibly: This involves learning to sell or serve alcohol in accordance with state legislation, in addition to obtaining applicable customer ID, providing information to customers in relation to alcohol and assisting customers with purchasing non-alcoholic beverages.
Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits: This element teaches the preparation and serving of standard drink sizes, and using a professional manner to encourage customers to drink responsibly. It also includes the monitoring of potentially intoxicated customers, and when to offer food or non-alcoholic drinks.
Assess alcohol affected customers and identify those to whom sale or service must be refused: You’ll learn to assess intoxication levels of customers, and to identify those customers who you will need to refuse service to.
Refuse to provide alcohol: This element involves refusing service in a professional manner, and providing appropriate assistance to refused customers. You will also learn how to give verbal warnings, and to handle difficult conflict situations.

Responsible Service of Alcohol training courses in NSW are six hours in duration, and cost $170 per person. This includes Liquor & Gaming NSW processing fees of $85.

If you wish to undertake an RSA and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) course combined, these must be done on separate days. The cost of a combination is $295 per person and includes the $125 Liquor & Gaming NSW processing fee.

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