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This training in Project Management Fundamentals will provide a great start point for improving your team\\\’s project management skills. This Project Management Session will teach your team the basics of project management, and help them to improve their skills. This session will provide lots of tools as well as advice to help you improve your skills immediately. All the techniques learned can be applied to current project management, resulting in improved results at work.

Are you managing multiple projects? Are you able to increase the value of each project. Effective project management will help your company grow. The training behind the scenes can make a big difference in productivity and success. It is important to understand that complex ideas can be difficult to grasp without first learning the basics. All strategies must start at the beginning, then move on. The fundamentals course is a good starting point for discussing project management and learning about its uses.

Project Management Fundamentals Objectives
Define project and project management
Projects are different from other types work. Participants define what a project is and how they identify each stage of project management.

Identify the benefits of projects
Participants will have the opportunity to interact with one another and identify the benefits of different projects they are involved in. These areas can be identified.

Identify the phases in a project\\\’s lifecycle
Find out more about the phases that make up the project\\\’s life cycle. These activities can be divided into four phases. Find out how to use these phases.

Present Ideas and Sell Your Ideas
You can help your project by being able to present ideas effectively and make professional presentations. Participants will learn additional skills that will help them present and sell their ideas.

Prioritize Projects
Prioritizing your tasks and projects will help you achieve success. Learn from our trainers how to Prioritize your projects.

Start Conceptualizing the project, including Goals and Vision statements
Find out more about setting goals for your project and creating vision statements.

You can use a target chart and other planning tools
Participants will learn how to use a chart for project management. Participants can also choose from a variety of planning tools to help them manage their project.

Fill out a Statement of Work
Participants are shown how to create a statement. A Statement of Work is a formal document used to manage a project. It establishes expectations and outlines agreements.

Tailored Options
This material can be used to help your team advance. If they are able to grasp the basics, we can add modules from more advanced project management sessions. We can tailor a session to fit your training goals and timeframe. Paramount Training & Development has the most extensive library of information about workplaces. For any assistance or customized outlines, please contact us.

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