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“Writing is an instrument for conveying ideas from one mind to another. The writers’ job is to make their reader understand their meaning readily and precisely.” – a quote by Sir Earnest Gowers (“Plain Words”)

No matter where a person begins their working career, as they are promoted, writing becomes increasingly important. But perhaps of more significance to them, is that it is often seen as a tangible measure of their ability and professionalism.

Whilst we may agree with Sir Earnest Gowers’ words, as writers, we often develop “blind spots” or “bad habits” which may distort the transfer of ideas. This reflects badly on the writer and his or her organisation.
Learning Objectives
This workshop will enable learners to:

  • review and practise the principles of good business writing
  • identify and explain the more common formats of correspondence
  • clarify your own writing style
  • identify any errors or “blind spots” associated with that style
  • list practical ways of improving your business writing
1 day
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