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This course can be taken anywhere in Australia. This course is available in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Do your employees need the skills and tools to solve problems? This training course will help you tremendously if that is the case. For those who are willing to go against the grain, the Problem Solving & Decision Making Training was created. This training covers the most important areas of problem solving and provides tips for increasing productivity. It also guides participants in making sound decisions . The program uses activities to reflect the real world of the workplace, and then helps participants apply the knowledge they have gained. This training is suitable for all industries and all team sizes. To meet specific needs and preferences, we offer customized tools and material customization.

Every workplace has its share of challenges . These situations and cases require quick solutions and responses. This session will provide employees with the skills and methods to take accurate decisions, and master the art and science of problem solving. This session will teach employees how to solve problems and give them a better understanding of certain situations and things.

Innovation and creativity are key factors in a company’s success. These skills can also be taught. Participants can learn how to develop rational thinking systems that will aid in business development. Our training program provides valuable tips and skills to help employees solve problems.

Solutions for Problem Solving
This course can be used to teach participants:
Use problem solving tools and measures
To clearly identify problems, you can examine the information
Find the right solutions
Be creative and a member of a problem solving group
Choose the best way to make decisions
Create a strategy to implement, assess, and follow up on your decisions
Prevent common decision-making mistakes
Course Overview

We discuss what will happen during the course, and we also share some concerns with the group. Students will have the opportunity to identify their learning goals.


Participants will begin by learning about the concepts of problem solving and decision-making. Participants will also be taught the eight fundamentals of problem definition and how to apply these theories to a case study.

Making Decisions

Next, participants will be taught about the different types of decisions and how to distinguish facts from data.


Next, participants will review their pre-assignment. This will allow them to evaluate their solutions.

The Problem Solving Model

Participants will be able to learn about a three phase model that they can apply to almost all issues during this session. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the model in two cases.

The Problem Solving Toolskit

This session will focus on seven basic problem solving tools as well as two innovative tools (the levels service and fishbone analysis). Also discussed are creative thinking techniques such as brainwriting and brainstorming.


Next, participants will be guided through a case study that will help them to apply and internalize the concepts they have learned.

Solving business problems can be more difficult than solving regular problems. This session will teach participants how to use SWOT analysis in their own organizations.

Making good group decisions

Participants will then learn about some key aspects of group problem solving.

Analyzing and Selecting Solutions

This session will focus on the second stage in the problem solving model: making determinations.

Planning and organizing

Participants will be able to complete the third stage of the problem-solving model. The course will cover topics such as organizing and planning a solution and completing a follow up analysis. Participants will also learn how to evaluate results and adapt with change.

Course Wrap Up

Students will be able to ask questions and complete an action plan at the end of their program.

Tailor made problem solving
Our training can be tailored to fit your needs. Paramount Training & Development has a reputation for being a global leader in innovative training. The Impact System ensures that all participants have a memorable and productive training experience.

Contact us at 1300 810 725 for more information and other inquiries.

3 hours
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