Preventing Workplace Bullying Training


Over 45% of Australians have experienced workplace bullying at some point in their career*. Workplace bullying transcends industries. Most people have witnessed these situations or been subject to them firsthand. Unfortunately, bullying is not something limited to the schoolyard.

Bullying isn’t something we can ignore and hope it goes away. Australian business leaders must be proactive about workplace bullying if they do not wish to risk their employees suffering the myriad of side effects that result from these reactions, including serious health and psychological issues.

Barringtons’ Workplace Bullying Training Courses

Our online workplace bullying training for Australian businesses is designed to ensure your employees are prepared for all scenarios. The course teaches the skills to identify and manage the wide spectrum of bullying behaviour.

Bullying can be direct and obvious or indirect, even subtle or masked with humour – that’s why it’s so important to learn the detailed nuances of how it appears. Upon completing the course, employees will:

Identify bullying and its varied forms –including cyber bullying
Be aware of the symptoms of bullying in an individual
Understand what actions can be taken – formal complaints, reporting
Be mindful of the effects on the workplace environment and culture
Understand what victims can do about it themselves and other sources of help

Workplace bullying can have a real effect on employees and business success – making investing in this kind of training an easy decision. Better yet, the course only takes 30 minutes, meaning it will result in minimal disruptions to other business activities.

30 minutes
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