Managing Workplace Bullying Training


Learning objectives:

– What is and isn’t workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination

– 2 Main types of bullying behaviours

– Why bullying happens and the types of work environments where it happens

– Motivations for bullying

– Emotional/physical effects of workplace bullying

– Types of high-risk leadership, management and communication styles leading to increased workplace bullying

– How to respond to bullying/harassment complaints

– Managers as positive role modes for workplace behaviour

– Legal, financial, health, reputation and productivity consequences of workplace bullying

– Increased costs of bullying, mental health and stress-related compensation claims

– Role of leadership and organisational culture in bullying prevention

– Presenteeism and bullying

– What is an Upstander

– Common myths and misconceptions about bullying

– Support information for workplace bullying

– Importance of a clear, thoughtful anti-bullying policy

90 minutes
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Also called the Bullyologist, Jessica Hickman founded Bullyology® in 2017 and is the author of Bullyology: Breaking the Silence on Bullying. She has over fifteen years’ experience as a results-driven workshop facilitator and has been running culture-focused workshops in Australia since 2013. Her unique content is licensed and sold via select third-party training organisations. Jessica has provided training and professional talks in ...
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