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Every professional will have to deal with a difficult client or customer from time to time. Picture a client that insists your product is rubbish, or a customer that refuses to pay for a meal they’ve clearly finished. You can’t change the fact that these experiences will occur, but you can change the way you handle them.

Conflict resolution skills are critical for all professionals. When you understand how to read a tense situation and respond to it in a way that minimises conflict, you are able to navigate the occurrence safely and potentially even arrive at a productive outcome.
That’s where Barringtons’ Dealing with Difficult Customers course comes in. This conflict training is a unique online solution designed to ensure your employees have the skills to minimise tension and maximise the safety of those involved.

Upon completion, trainees will have the relevant knowledge to:

Successfully deal with a difficult person
Follow the steps involved in minimising conflict
Manage conflict and take control
Maintain their own safety
Effectively report the incident

This essential conflict training takes only 30 minutes to complete – meaning you can administer the course with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day operations. Our online format means that the training itself is extremely flexible. Your team members can complete the course at the most convenient time for them while still gaining extremely valuable information.

30 minutes
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