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It is not easy to lead a group of people at work. But, it can be very rewarding if you do it right. To make this happen, the leader must first speak with their team. To motivate their team to work towards a common goal, the leader must be confident. Leaders must communicate with influence. There are many tactics and strategies that leaders can use to motivate others to work together towards a common goal. This course is designed to help participants communicate effectively and assertively with influence in their workplace.

Sell Your Logic
A leader must have factual evidence to support their decisions. You must use logic and researched facts to support your decision. While a leader can appeal to the rationality and sanity of his team, the plan or presentation must be well-researched and flow logically from one point to another so that your team members understand what you are doing and why it is a good idea.
Ken, for example, can argue in favor or against a decision by his construction team to use a different type of concrete. Ken can point out the best thing about his preferred brand of concrete or explain why the other is a better choice. Ken could make a lot of arguments, but the important thing is that he gives logical reasons to people to listen to what he has to say.
Advertisements follow a similar format. They show why their product/service is better than the rest, which encourages consumers not to buy their products. An successful communicator is able to sell your logic and argue your point.

Be careful with your counter-point
While being able to make your point is one thing. However, arguing in the right way is what will lock in mental influence and appeal . A good counter-point can be handled by giving credit where it is due and, if possible, finding a compromise that all members of the team can agree upon. Sometimes, it is best to offer a counter-point to keep team trust. This shows that you can follow as well as lead; your team’s respect will grow especially if they are able to respect you and their ideas. For example, you can use the pro- and con strategy, but also present the pros of your opponents. Fairness is key. Everyone in your team will feel validated mentally. They’ll be more inclined to follow your ideas, validate them and even influence them.

Make a Beautiful Picture of them
Some team members are more successful using emotional approaches than others. Some team members are driven by logic and will need to see the alternatives before they decide one path is better than the other. To convince them to follow your path, you need to use better logic and arguments. However, others need to feel confident about the path you are taking before they will follow you. Leaders can help them see the bigger picture, but the main point is to still sell it to them as something beautiful, something they want to do. Because that’s the best way to go, mentally driven workers need things. Emotionally driven workers are more likely to want things because it’s what makes them feel good about following. Leaders must be able to identify the differences and sell your ideas.

The Stick or the Carrot Methodology
The trainer will explain the advantages and disadvantages to each of these leadership styless. Although it’s good to be somewhere in the middle, we tend to favor one of them. Participants will discover which side they are more inclined to and how that can be used to motivate and boost morale in their teams through group discussion and personal reflection.

Leadership is largely determined by the way the leader inspires his or her team to follow him/her. A leader’s ability to appeal to both mental and emotional satisfaction can influence a group to follow him or her. These methods will help potential leaders argue effectively, both on the emotional and mental levels. This course is essential for creating leaders within your company that lead, not boss people around. This course is well-suited for sessions on teamwork, leadership and office communication.

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