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Communication Strategies

This 1-hour course focuses specifically on communication strategies for virtual teams. This course is designed to provide you with the most targeted, effective and convenient learning experience by letting you join a short, sharp and collaborative session facilitated online with a master trainer and other participants from Oceania. In this session you will: Learn how to keep strong and effective communication between you and your team, and between the team members...
Professional Development Training
1 hour

Communicating as a Virtual Team

Communication skills are undoubtedly the most significant skill that can substantially increase the growth of an organisation. From Leadership Training to Frontline Training, this skill plays a dominant role. With the current business situation of virtual workplaces the first casualty is communication. Conflict, stress, frustration and lethargy are the result of poor communication. It's vital to educate and train people in time of change. Learning outcomes How to better ...
We Train
3 hour