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Project Management Fundamentals

by Academy Global

This workshop uses the project lifecycle as a framework and ...

Applied Project Management

by Academy Global

This workshop provides project managers with advanced tools ...

Project Management Essentials (Virtual)

by Australian Institute of Management

The Project Management Essentials Virtual Learning Series ...

Introduction to Agile (Virtual)

by Australian Institute of Management

The Introduction to Agile Virtual Learning Series explores ...

Six Sigma

by Professional Development Training

This course has been developed to enhance the knowledge and ...

Effective Project Management

by Performance Development

The introductory course provides essential tools for leading ...

Essentials of Project Management

by Performance Development

The introductory course provides essential tools for leading ...

Project Management Essentials

by Wizard Corporate Training and Solutions

This course provides a simplified approach to project ...

Most important skills for Project Management

From planning to execution, project management is a critical practice that applies the knowledge of process, skills, tools, deliverables, and techniques to project activities. There’s a broad range of skills project management professionals can undertake to strengthen specific expertise and practice.

Skills vary across topics such as traditional project management approaches, agile methodologies, change management methodologies, process-based methodologies and to more targeted skills like planning and defining a project scope, setting and managing expectations of stakeholders, creating project plans, managing tasks, resource planning and cost estimates.

How Project Management training courses work

Project Management training courses are generally a certification or qualification delivered by TAFES, Universities or Project Management training providers. If you’re considering a certification, such as PRINCE, your course will go for about a week, however if you would like to get qualified by completing a Diploma or Advanced Diploma, you’ll be committing to around 12 to 24 months.

Benefits of Project Management training

If you’re a seasoned Project Management, or considering it as a new role, the benefits of Project Management skills training is valuable. The positive impacts you may see is;

  1. You’ll be able to get things done faster, your productivity will go up thanks to your newly adopted process.
  2. When it comes to the workplace, you’ll have an edge.
  3. Your overall work quality will go up.
  4. You will know how to manage a budget and work within financial constraints.
  5. And you will be the queen or king of meeting deadlines!

Results you might see

The results will depend on the type of Project Management training programs chosen, but regardless of the methodology or skill chosen, you will be more confident at your role. Project Management is complex and varied, being equipped in up to date frameworks ensures success in your role.

Common job titles related to this category: Program Manager, Implementation Manager, Stage Manager, Associate Project Manager., Project Management Assistant, Project Manager, Communications Officer, Team Assistant.