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The Coaching Leader

Coaching is globally recognised as one of the key techniques for performance improvement and development of talent across the business. Equip your leaders to have coaching conversations all day every day. Almost every conversation in the workplace is an opportunity to coach. From ‘have you got a minute?’, to feedback, to performance reviews, team meetings and much more. Provide your leaders with the toolkit to develop their people, create accountability and tap into discretionary ...
Ashley Coaching and Consulting
5 day

Executive Retreat

In our three-day retreat-style workshop you drive your experience. We enable you to analyse and receive coaching on your immediate workplace challenges – helping you step out of the conflicts that leave you drained, and into new ways of creatively solving the people problems that you face. You will receive intensive coaching by Harvard-trained experts and trusted colleagues on how to prepare for and manage your specific situations, empowering you to define and embody your personal ...
CMA Consulting Group
3 day