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Modern Mindfulness

Multitasking is out, mindfulness is in! Mindfulness practice is fast becoming a must-have personal and professional wellbeing strategy to navigate modern life successfully - from mindful leadership to enhancing our physical health, paying attention to the present moment can quite literally be a life saver. This unsustainable hamster-wheel way of life diminishes motivation and inspiration, increasing your likelihood of burnout. Join our workshop to learn more about the physical, mental, ...
Interaction Consulting Group
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Mindfulness is for everyone and has many benefits. These days, life is busy and it’s hard to slow down. When you engage in mindfulness activities, you’re making a conscious effort to be open and live in the moment. Common mindfulness techniques may include slowing down, meditating, treating yourself well, connecting with nature or eating healthy. Being mindful helps you to cope with everyday life and the challenges we face – you can learn how to practice mindfulness easily.