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Excel: Formulas for working with text

by MCI Solutions

Learn to use Excel Text Functions to clean up imported text ...

Excel: Formulas for What-if analysis

by MCI Solutions

Learn how to write and edit IF formulas to return results ...

Excel: Formulas for statistical analysis

by MCI Solutions

Learn how to use Excel Statistical Functions to calculate ...

Excel: Formulas for finance analysis

by MCI Solutions

Learn to use Excel formulas that work on financial data. ...

Excel: Formulas for everyday

by MCI Solutions

Learn how to write and edit simple formulas in Excel to ...

Excel: Error-proofing your spreadsheet

by MCI Solutions

Learn how to find and fix common errors in spreadsheets and ...

Excel: Data modelling with scenarios, goal seek & solver.

by MCI Solutions

Learn how to use Scenario Manager, Goal Seek and Solver to ...

Excel: Dashboards

by MCI Solutions

Learn how to create a dashboard in Excel to help you keep a ...

Excel: Collaboration and shared workbooks

by MCI Solutions

Learn to share and co-author Excel workbooks and collaborate ...

Excel: Charts and Graphs

by MCI Solutions

Learn how to display Excel data graphically using a variety ...

Excel: Automation with Macros

by MCI Solutions

Learn to record, run and edit Macros to automate routine ...

Excel: Advanced Filters for Databases and Lists

by MCI Solutions

Learn to use Advanced Filters in Excel to summarise and ...

Most important skills for Digital Information technology

As the world we live in continues to accelerate into a digital world, digital and information technology skills have become more important than ever. If you don’t know how to use the standard applications in business, whether microsoft or cloud based, then you should probably add technology training courses to your ‘to do list’!.

It’s forecasted that in 2025 the world we live in will look dramatically different to what it does today.  That’s why understanding the importance of information technology / digital, various software skills such as Microsoft, processing, transmitting and storing data – to building, developing and maintaining systems is vital. But the list of skills does not stop there, architecture, application development, coding, AI, UX design and so much are becoming top Digital Skills Training Courses to be certified in.

How Digital Information technology training courses work

Information technology training can form part of a degree, diploma, certificate or short course. Whether you’re looking for an end to end course, or refining a particular skill, Digital Skills Training Courses are broad and extensive. Often these courses are delivered by RTO’s, Universities or expert Training Providers.

Benefits of Digital Information technology training

It’s pretty much a given that digital skills will future proof your career, you don’t just have to be a tech head to benefit from learning upto date digital skills. Digital Information roles are some of the highest paid careers, so one thing you’ll benefit from is earning more cash in your pocket, but in light of some more potentially unknown benefits, you’ll be more efficient and effective in your job role, executing certain projects will be easier, your network will be broader and more savvy, and you might even be seen as an authoritative figure in your company with a suite of modern and sharp skills.

Results you might see

The results you will see vary from course to course depending on the core skill of the training. You can check out training courses here, to get you started on your digital journey of success, and start to enjoy the ease of your role as a more effective and efficient operator.

Common job titles related to this category: Digital Analyst, Test Lead, Manager Operations – Information Technology, Digital Learning Officer, Customer Care Officer, Technical Support, IT Consultant, IT Manager, Software Manager, Software Engineer, Delivery Lead, Solutions Consultant, Developer.