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Excel: Automation with Macros

by MCI Solutions

Learn to record, run and edit Macros to automate routine ...

Excel: Advanced Filters for Databases and Lists

by MCI Solutions

Learn to use Advanced Filters in Excel to summarise and ...

Most important skills for Microsoft Office

Not knowing Microsoft Office is kind of like not knowing how to drive. With most businesses around the world using Microsoft Office as their software, it’s important you understand how to navigate the basic’s to get your job done properly. Microsoft Office suite has heaps of different skills and expertise, but the good news is that there is a huge range of Microsoft Office Training Courses in Australia.

Your role requirements will dictate the type of Microsoft Office skills Training needed. Generally speaking, most positions require employees to be able to create and edit formulas, using pivot tables, formatting graphs and charts, sorting data, formatting, proofreading and editing, using templates and incorporating texts and images.

How Microsoft Office training courses work

You’ll need to power up because all Microsoft Office skills Training require you to have a laptop and be online. Courses are generally delivered externally, by expert microsoft office training providers and you can either engage in a full certification, or become skilled in certain applications such as microsoft word, outlook, access, publisher, onenote, powerpoint or excel.

Benefits of Microsoft Office training

Whether you’re a student, employee or home-keeper, being able to competently use microsoft applications will benefit you. As mentioned earlier, MicroSoft is used by most businesses, in fact, 90% worldwide. Your employability chances will increase, you can work flexibly, you’ll be seen as an expert in the workplace, and not to mention at home budgeting and financial tracking will become a breeze.

Results you might see

Microsoft Office Training in Australia has a vast range of course options for both professional and person skills training. At the end of any course undertaken, you will walk away more competent and confident in your chosen application.