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Effective Decision Making

Being a good decision maker is not about luck or good fortune. It is about applying an ordered decision making process and involving the correct people through the process.   Learn how to make effective decisions in a proactive manner rather than reacting to the stress of an environment or by management.   Participants in this workshop will learn:...
The Human Performance Company
2 hour

Ethical Decision Making – Science and Practice

Most organisations are judged on their reputation and consistently, one of the most significant contributors to this reputation, are the decisions made by people within those organisations. With ever-increasing demands for accountability and transparency for both private and public sector organisations, the need for effective, quality decision making is also growing. This course is designed specifically to address this need and has been designed as a strongly customisable 1 or 2 day course...
New Intelligence

Convergent Thinking and Decision Making

Convergent Thinking and Decision Making This Advanced Facilitation Skills course is designed to provide you with the most targeted, effective and convenient learning experience by letting you join a short, sharp and collaborative session facilitated online with a master trainer and other participants from Oceania. In this session you will learn: Facilitating for convergent thinking Helping groups arrive at timely-high quality decisions Share and ...
Professional Development Training
1 hour

Decision Making

Our one-day training workshop Decision Making Skills builds participants’ capacity and confidence to make decisions of any nature. They learn a simple but powerful process for decision-making that reduces risk and increases Effectiveness. We shift participants from fearing decisions as daunting, high-risk tasks, to embracing opportunities for innovation and value creation. This workshop provides participants with a structured approach to decision making that empowers them to examine ...
CMA Consulting Group
1 day