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Analytical and Strategic Thinking

Influencing from a range of perspectives Making persuasive pitches or presentations to your manager Planning strategic approaches to influencing stakeholders Practising ...
Define Potential
2 day
John Robinson Consulting Services

The Power of Positive Thinking

This three (3) day course introduces the theory and required skills supporting the power of positive thinking. Participants will be able to practice and apply models and understand real-life examples to enhance their personal as well as professional life in a positive and fruitful way in future. The power of positive thinking also illustrates the differences between habits and the importance of consciously choosing and displaying a positive attitude towards others. Participants will learn ...
Institute of Management
3 day

TBOT – The business of thinking

The Business of Thinking is a multi-module program which begins with a foundation course Whole Brain Thinking before moving on to application modules such as Communication, Design, Creative Thinking, Presenting, Selling and Writing before a consolidation session. The Business of Thinking helps people: be more productive through effective thinking think outside the box with a strategic focus practically apply principles communicat...
Yellow Edge

Applying Strategic Thinking (Virtual)

The ability to think strategically is a key part of being successful for anyone that has managerial or executive responsibilities. The challenge is to gain the ability to move from the specifics of day-to-day operational service delivery to the much bigger picture overview required in the strategic dimension of our work. This course is delivered over 4 x 90 minute online sessions across 4 days.
Australian Institute of Management
6 hour