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Achieve Email Excellence

by MCI Solutions

Email can quickly eat up huge chunks of our working day. ...

Influential Business Writing

by CMA Consulting Group

Our one-day training workshop Influential Business Writing ...

Business Writing Training

by We Train

Your staff are your company’s greatest asset and are ...

Business Writing Skills

by Wizard Corporate Training and Solutions

We all know that writing is one of the most important ...

Minute Taking

by Wizard Corporate Training and Solutions

Assertiveness and Confidence

by Wizard Corporate Training and Solutions

Assertiveness and Confidence are two skills that are crucial ...

Most important skills for Business Writing

Improving your communication skills has become increasingly more important as roles become global and online. Regardless of industry or expertise, effective communication skills are vital if you want to survive in your current role and progress in your career.

Essentially we can break communication into three main subsections;

  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal
  • Written

Often verbal is prioritised, however with the world and business landscape changing so dramatically it would be fair to say that business writing training has shuffled its way up the list of importance.

How Business Writing training courses work

Finding the best business writing training for you depends on what you’re looking for. Often courses will focus on structure, converting expression, grammar and getting the respondent to take action. Business writing skills training is generally offered by private providers, and is a non-accredited course. You may attend one of these as part of your organisation, or attend public business writing training courses to develop your online savvy-ness.

Benefits of Business Writing training

The benefits of effective business writing are endless, you will be able to express your ideas and thoughts better, taking into consideration your audience’s appetite. You may experience faster turnaround times, knowledge and expansion of words, a coherent writing style and an improved presentation of your writing piece. Refining these skills ensures we maintain ethical and polite writing, and equips us to empower others, inspire or create change. Sloppy communication equals sloppy outcomes, and no one wants that!

Results you might see

Particular results may vary, depending on the business writing skills training outline, however it’s likely you’ll improve your overall business writing, whether in an email, article or advertising format. You’ll adopt new ways to adapt your writing style, being a more confident writer, express with certainty and for the grammar lovers, be more on point with your words and sentence structures!